Consistently excellent workshops in terms of the quality of movement and clarity of teaching correct postural technique, with a strong focus on musicality and connection. As an experienced tango dancer with many years of previous dance training behind me I couldn’t recommend Lucy’s style of teaching highly enough! Christy

I had a very enjoyable introduction to my first dance lesson (with my girlfriend) and thanks to Lucy showing us the steps, we picked it up well and were encouraged throughout by Lucy. I highly recommend this tango school to beginners or anyone who wants to explore Argentinean tango. Kevin

Lucy & Mauro are brilliant, patient and kind teachers, with amazing attention to detail. They’re supportive and informative for students at all stages of learning. Can’t recommend enough! Imogen

I’ve learned huge amounts in my weekly 121 classes with Lucy and Mauro and really enjoyed the process. The style of teaching is relaxed, encouraging and generous but at the same time precise, rigorous and focused. As a beginner I’m hugely grateful Lucy and Mauro for helping me build confidence and grow bit by bit while having fun along the way. Tamuna

ITruly Tango. My classes have been most enjoyable. I have had one to one classes on occasion too which has improved my Tango embrace and Tango walk. The teachers have great attention to detail and how to fix posture when needed. They have exercises to get the correct footing and the break down of the dance steps. So much Patience too. A friendly and fun atmosphere in the classes and Tango is great exercise too, bring some water to drink whilst socialising with the rest of the class. Truly a great experience as a beginner and inspiring, once I started I did not want to stop dancing and I noticed there was always someone to dance with to if you came solo. It is a must on your to do list, I highly recommend you experience Truly Tango dance classes. Max



Moving from the UK to Buenos Aires in 2010, Lucy spent 11 years training and teaching Tango in the Argentine capital, being immersed as a dancer in the culture of the local milongas, their resident dancers and musicians.  

She trained intensively with the maestros Jimena Joeffner & Max Vera, Daniel & Alejandra Juarez and Carolina Bonaventura, amongst others, famous for their focus on technique. She brings this knowledge through to her classes which are rooted in creating an authentic walk, embrace and connection, allowing each dancer to feel confident and fully enjoy the beautiful experience of dancing Tango. 


Mauro was born in the Province of Chubut Argentina, he has trained with some of the legends of Tango, including great Masters and dancers such as Ana María and Raúl Mansilla, Ricardo Viqueira, Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suárez, José Luis Salvo and Carla Rossi, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Jimena Joeffner & Max Vera, Carolina Bonaventura.

Mauro has been teaching for 10 years. The teaching style of Mauro Alejandro Mol is based on the full attention of the couple, the body energy, the ground connection, and the musicality in Tango.This style of teaching includes didactic teaching methods that help to incorporate all the new tools and knowledge in a fun and friendly way.


Do I need to come to classes with a partner?

No it’s not necessary to come to class with a partner, there’s a lovely mix of students in our classes who are very happy to rotate partners and encorporate new class members 🙂

What previous experience do I need for the classes?

Our class levels are detailed on the ‘Classes’ section and we’re always to happy to integrate complete beginners!

What kind of shoes / clothes should I wear to class?

You don’t need special clothes for class, just something that you feel comfortable in and can move easily. It’s best to bring shoes that don’t have too many grips and for tango we need to be able to pivot with our feet 🙂

How often do you do Tango Tours?

We’re currently running Tango Tours to Buenos Aires once a year, please check the ‘Tango Tours’ section of this website for more details and feel free to contact us directly with any questions or for more detailed information. 

Do you offer shows / workshops for private events?

Yes we offer shows and workshops for private events, festivals and other tango schools. Workshops can be taylor-made to suit your students and topics that you’d like to explore.

Can you help with my wedding dance?

We’re happy to help! We offer private classes for couples and can create a beautfiful choreography for your wedding and other special events. Please reach out via phone or the contact form and we’ll get back to you with more information. 

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