Moving from the UK to Buenos Aires in 2010, Lucy spent 11 years training and teaching Tango in the Argentine capital, being immersed as a dancer in the culture of the local milongas, their resident dancers and musicians.  

She trained intensively with the maestros Jimena Joeffner & Max Vera, Daniel & Alejandra Juarez and Carolina Bonaventura, amongst others, famous for their focus on technique. She brings this knowledge through to her classes which are rooted in creating an authentic walk, embrace and connection, allowing each dancer to feel confident and fully enjoy the beautiful experience of dancing Tango. 

Lucy has 10 years teaching experience. She taught as resident teacher in Buenos Aires at ‘Soho Tango’ in Salon Canning and Villa Malcolm, the British Embassy in Argentina, La Huella del Arte, El Faena, Latidos Tangos and in the UK at Tango Space and currently Truly Tango. 

She was part of Tango Companies ‘Corporación Tango’ and ‘La Mariposita de San Telmo’ performing in milongas and theaters around Buenos Aires. She has also performed  solo shows in Buenos Aires with Mauro Mol in milongas El Beso, Maldita and La Petitera. 

She regularly takes part in Tango Competitions in  Argentina including the World Championships. She won First place in ‘Campeonato Bailar y nada mas’ and Finalist in ‘Campeonato Inter-milongas’ ‘Campeonato Venado Tuerto’, ‘Torneo Relámpago’ and in more recently in London at the ‘UK tango Championships’.


Mauro was born in the Province of Chubut Argentina, he has trained with some of the legends of Tango, including great Masters and dancers such as Ana María and Raúl Mansilla, Ricardo Viqueira, Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suárez, José Luis Salvo and Carla Rossi, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Jimena Joeffner & Max Vera, Carolina Bonaventura. 

Mauro has been teaching for 10 years. The teaching style of Mauro Alejandro Mol is based on the full attention of the couple, the body energy, the ground connection, and the musicality in Tango.This style of teaching includes didactic teaching methods that help to incorporate all the new tools and knowledge in a fun and friendly way.

Mauro believes that there must be a solid foundation, a connection with our partner and a connection to the ground in order to have a comfortable hug and, above all, enjoy the learning process.

He has many years of experience dancing in milongas around the world, including cities like Buenos Aires, Chicago, NYC, London.



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