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On and Off the Beaten Track


Place, History and Culture


11/10 – 22/10

DISCOVER the magic of Argentine Tango in captivating Buenos Aires with Truly Tango.

With over a decade of experience as resident tango dancers in the heart of the Argentine Capital, we curate unique, small-group tours that embrace the essence of Tango, both on and off the beaten track.

Immerse yourself completely in Buenos Aires vibrant and authentic Tango culture, and join us for our upcoming October Tour when the city blossoms with the arrival of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, providing the most perfect conditions to milonguear!

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a memorable tango experience throughout your stay, so you can embrace every moment to the fullest.


  • 11 nights of comfort and daily continental breakfast in a beautiful hand-selected 4* hotel in the heart of the Buenos Aires
  • 9 Tango Workshops with some of the most world’s most renowned Tango Maestros
  • Nightly outings to the very best milongas in the city and local neighborhoods (12 milonga entrances included in your package), to suit a range of different tastes, including live orchestras and performances
  • Discover the city with seasoned local guides bringing Tango and Porteño history and culture to life
  • Welcome Dinner and Farewell Lunch included
  • Day trip to the charming Uruguayan town of Colonia
  • Tango shopping tour for shoes and clothes
  • History of Tango talk with our local expert
  • Savor local cuisine with our top recommendations for local restaurants, wine-tasting and more
  • On-hand assistance from us throughout your stay


Hola soy Lucy, un placer conocerte y bienvenido/a a mi cuidad favorita, te deseo un viaje increible!

I’m thrilled to guide you on a unique personally crafted Tango dance holiday to my beloved Buenos Aires! My heart was first captured by this magical city back in 2010, making it my home for the next 11 years and becoming an Argentine citizen, I now spend my time between Argentina and the UK. 

My tour ensures that you will experience this fascinating dance form in the most iconic venues of Buenos Aires – plus some local hidden gems I’ve discovered – off the beaten track – from my time living in the city.

Your itinerary draws upon my unique local knowledge of the Tango culture of Buenos Aires. Knowing the city inside out and as a fluent Spanish speaker, I’ll be at on hand with my local team to assist you throughout your stay. Like me, you will find yourself  immersed in an authentic journey through the history, culture, music, cuisine and above all dance of  Tango. 

Embrace the warmth of the locals and become a part of the Tango scene sooner than you can imagine. 

Any questions or just want to know a little more about the trip? Feel free to message me at lucy@trulytango.com and I’ll get right back to you. 


We curate the best quality tango in the most authentic settings, from iconic venues to

off the beaten track hidden gems, hand-picked live orchestras and performances

Explore the charm of local neighbourhood milongas

Dance in the most Legendary & Historical Tango Salons

Be inspired by Tango Shows

Dance to Live Tango Orchestras

Discover authentic Buenos Aires Tango


Elevate your tango skills with high quality daily classes


From the young age of fourteen, Johana Copes immersed herself in Tango, often performing alongside her father the renowned tango dancer Juan Carlos Copes.

In addition, she received comprehensive training in ballet, jazz, flamenco, theatre, and musical comedy, playing a pivotal role in introducing the art of Tango to young dancers.

Johana’s influence extends beyond the dance floor as she has earned respect as an esteemed teacher, performer, producer, and choreographer, captivating audiences and imparting her knowledge worldwide.

Founding the Ladies Tango festival and serving as an official judge of the Tango Mundial in Buenos Aires further solidifies her expertise in this captivating art form. Known for her presence, strength and mastery of technical movements, Johana’s warm personality, sense of humor, and unwavering passion make her an exceptional teacher and an true ambassador of Tango.



Jimena Joeffner and Max Vera, couple of the moment on the Buenos Aires tango scene performing in milongas all over the city, bring their dynamic and expressive style to Truly Tango.

Known for their exceptional teaching skills and committment to students, Jimena and Max create a warm environment for their students, allowing them to discover the real essence of Tango.

Jimena is Tri-Champion of the City of Buenos Aires Championship (tango, vals, milonga) 2013 and the champion of Peleando Varacion 2015 and Max is Champion in the City of Buenos Aires Championship 2022. 

Join us at Truly Tango and experience the passion and expertise of this remarkable couple.


Liza and Juan Rosales have an extensive background as teachers, choreographers and performers in both the most renowned milongas in Buenos Aires and Internationally.

Winners of 5th Place at the Tango World Championships in 2023 and sub-championes of the 2022 Metropolitan Championship, they have performed in the company Tango X 2, sharing the stage with artists such as Miguel Angel Zotto, Sebastian Arce and Mora Godoy.

With incredible skill in both ‘stage’ and ‘pista’ tango, they’re known for their in-depth training both in-person and in their huge following on YouTube in their popular channel LosRosalesTango. Prepare yourself for an exceptional experience with their classes at Truly Tango.



Working together in Tango since 2015, Juan and Valentina are known for their classical milonguero style. Much loved teachers, they have a large following in Buenos Aires, assisting many of the best known Tango dancers in their Tango journeys to the top. We are delighted to have them at Truly Tango! 

Their beautiful sequences and classic style have earned them a place in the Mundial Final in 2018, 2019, 2021, as winners of the Intermilongas Championship 2017 and Two-time champions in the Milonga and Waltz Category in the Dance Championship of the city of Buenos Aires, 2018.


Sub-Champions of the 2023 Tango World Championships, Aldana and Ariel are specialists in the art of tango ‘pista’, vals and milonga, with various decades of collective experience teaching they perform regularly throughout Buenos Aires. We’re delighted to have them on our team of instructors sharing their warmth and passion for Tango teaching.

Ariel is a dancer for the renowned Forever Tango company with which he travels all around the world. A beautiful Argentine Folklore dancer as well as Tango dancer, Aldana has taught and performed internationally. Regular favorites at the Tango World Championship and City of Buenos Aires Championships, they have reaching the Finals in both several times including Tango, Vals and Milonga.




*Final maestros selection from the above may alter slightly due to their availability.


Want to elevate your tango skills and maximize your experience with our exceptional instructors at Truly Tango? Our specially selected maestros also provide private lessons and lesson packs to help you reach new heights in your tango journey.

Additionally, our team of talented and friendly taxi-dancers are here to accompany both Followers and Leaders to the milonga, ensuring you a full quota of dancing.

Contact us via message to arrange your personalized sessions.

Special Activities

Tango shopping

Want to make a stunning impression on the dance floors of Buenos Aires?  Join us for an exclusive shopping tour of the best boutiques, where you can discover and purchase beautiful, one-of-a-kind shoes, clothing, and accessories. Whether you lead or follow, we’ve got you covered with top-quality items that will elevate your tango experience.

Uruguay day trip

Just a stone’s throw’s boat ride away across Rio de La Plata river lies the charming coastal town of Colonia, Uruguay. Its cobblestone streets, sun-dappled plazas, and delicious cuisine, combined with the famously friendly locals, make it an idyllic day trip brimming with history and natural beauty. 

City Tour

Discover the real Buenos Aires! Our experienced team of tour guides are professionals from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires (UBA) bringing the city’s rich history to life through interactive tours. Get ready to be captivated by their passion for history and engaging storytelling. Part walking tour, we also provide transportation for longer stretches of the tours. 

History of Tango

Much more than just a dance, Tango is an integral part of Argentine culture. At Truly Tango, our exceptional local Tango Historian will guide you on a captivating journey back in time to the roots of this artform. Through fascinating stories and anecdotes, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Tango’s origins, fostering further appreciation for this exquisite dance.


Stylish and comfortable 4* Hotel accommodation in the heart of the city, in close proximity to the milongas


Single occupancy rooms available at an additional £275

After a busy night on the dance floor put your feet up and enjoy a tranquil rest at one of our stylish and comfortable 4* hand-selected hotels*, along with a daily continental breakfast (included in your stay).

Based in Microcentro the historic heart of the city, you’ll be in close proximity to major sights and milongas whilst experiencing the buzz of local Porteño life, beautiful parks, cafes, restaurants and shops.

*Package rates are based on two people sharing double or twin rooms. SINGLE OCCUPANCY upgrades are available for an additional £275, please specify your preference upon booking.

*Photos are representative of a number of our 4* hotel partners, full details available upon booking.

Itinerary October 2024

Buenos Aires Tango Holiday 11/10 – 22/10

Scroll right for full days schedule:

DayDateMorning Early AfternoonAfternoon Evening
1Friday 11/10Arrivals in Buenos AiresArrivals and check-in Buenos AiresRest Welcome dinner and milonga
2Saturday 12/10Rest & Continental Breakfast Group Workshop 1: Joanna Copes and David PaloCome with us to visit Palermo markets and more Milonga
3Sunday 13/10Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 2: Joanna Copes and David PaloLocal historian's tour: La Boca, San Telmo, Plaza de MayoMilonga
4Monday 14/10Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 3: Jimena Joeffner and Max VeraTango Boutique shopping tour Milonga
5Tuesday 15/10Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 4: Jimena Joeffner and Max VeraWe accompany you for tea in our favourite traditional cafe Milonga
6Wednesday 16/10Rest & Continental BreakfastDay trip to Colonia, UruguayDay trip to Colonia, UruguayMilonga or rest
7Thursday 17/10Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 5: Los RosalesHistory of Tango with our local specialist Milonga
8Friday 18/10Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 6: Los Rosales Come with us to visit Puerto Madero and the beautiful city nature reserveMilonga
9Saturday 19/10 Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 7: Valentina Garnier and Juan Amaya Come with us to visit Recoleta and the famous Cemetery Milonga
10Sunday 20/10Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 8: Valentina Garnier and Juan Amaya Afternoon milonga out of town Milonga or rest
11Monday 21/10Rest & Continental BreakfastGroup Workshop 9: Aldana Figueroa and Ariel ManzanaresFarewell lunch with special treats!Evening milonga under the stars. Late night milonga optional
12Tuesday 22/10Continental Breakfast and hotel check-out.

*We search for the very best line-ups at each milonga to include orchestras and performances. Final milonga confirmations to be shared with trip members closer to the date.

*And just a note to say – all of the activities are optional and based on how you feel on the day so please don’t feel obligated for full attendance :). We structure our days to the rhythm of the group, building in rest and refreshment stops where needed to relax and soak up the city ambience.


October 11th to October 22nd. We’re committed to keeping our tour numbers limited for an exclusive and intimate experience.

Reserve your place now and take advantage of our fantastic earlybird rate until 1st May 2024.




Available until 01/05/24

£650 deposit to book your place

Remainder due by 01/08/24




Available from 02/05/24 until departure


  • 11 nights of 4* hotel accomodation with continental breakfast included every morning (*Package rates are based on two people sharing double or twin rooms. If you’d prefer SINGLE OCCUPANCY, upgrades are available for an additional £275, please specify your preference upon booking.)
  • 9 Tango workshops with renowned maestros, exclusively for our group only
  • 12 milonga entrances
  • Daytrip by boat to Uruguay
  • Historian’s Guided Tour to: San Telmo, La Boca, Centro
  • We accompany you to: Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, Reserva Ecologica
  • History of Tango talk with our local expert
  • Tango Shopping trip
  • Welcome dinner and farewell lunch 
  • On hand assitance from us throughout your stay 



  • Return flights to Buenos Aires and transfers to/from the airport to your hotel.
  • Travel and Medical Insurance. These are obilgatory but not included in the packages, please ensure that you have purchased insurance before travelling.
  • Meals (except for those described in the ‘Included’ section.)
  • Hotel extras such as laundry service, room service, mini-bar etc.
  • Any milongas outside the selected 12 tour milongas where will be accompanying you.
  • Transport, except that included in the guided tour.


 Important: We recommend that you do not purchase airline tickets before receiving your holiday confirmation from us!

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

PAYMENT TERMS:  Pay a deposit of £650 to secure your booking. Remaining balance is due by 1st August 2024.

WAYS TO PAY: Payment is via bank transfer. 

BOOKING CLOSURE: Subject to availability (minimum 6 and maximum group of 12 people)


Cancellation with less than 45 days before the holiday starts are non refundable.

Cancellation with more than 45 days notice before the holiday starts, the full amount is refundable, minus the £650 deposit which is strictly non-refundable.

TRIP CANCELLATION by us: Full refund of any payments made.

BOOKING YOUR FLIGHT: We recommend that you do not book your flight until you have received final holiday confirmation from us!


DISCLAIMER – by joining this tour you fully and unreservedly agree with the disclaimer herein:

By embarking upon his/her travel, the traveller voluntarily assumes all risk involved in such travel—whether expected or unexpected. Traveller is hereby warned of these risks as well as medical and climatic disruptions, and the possibility traveller may be unable to travel as scheduled because of personal emergency. The traveller fully understands the nature of the tour (dancing tango and being involved in travelling and other touristic activities) and thus it is the Traveller’s responsibility to verify that his/her health allows him/her to safely join the tour. As a condition in joining this tour, Traveller is requested to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against these risks.

Truly Tango and all of its members, hereby called ‘Truly Tango’, shall not be responsible for events which result in any loss, damage, delay, inconvenience or injury to travellers or travellers’ companions or group members; neither shall it be responsible for changes or cancellations of flights, fare changes, damage, loss of baggage, delays, inconveniences, cessation of operations, accidents, or for the acts of defaults of any person or entity engaged in conveying participants or in carrying out other arrangements of the tour (such as our tango instructors, bus driver, or individuals/companies letting their apartments). Should you decide to leave early or arrive later than planned, no refund will be made available for any potential unused portion of the trip.

Truly Tango shall not be responsible for any claims, injuries, damages or other losses from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to those in connection with social or labor unrest, diseases and accidents, local laws, climate conditions, road accidents, abnormal conditions or developments, or any other action, omissions, or conditions

If due to weather, flight schedules or other uncontrollable factors, traveller is required to spend additional nights, Truly Tango will not be responsible for traveller’s hotel, transfers or other expenses. Traveller’s baggage and personal property (including cash) are at the traveller’s own risk. The deposit is strictly non refundable (unless trip is cancelled by organiser due to reasons outside of their control).

Traveller further assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases Truly Tango from, any duty of checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other requirements of travelling, and all safety and security conditions of these destinations.

Contact us to start your Tango Holiday October 2024!

Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch very shortly with next steps towards your ultimate Buenos Aires Tango Trip:

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How do I pay the deposit?

Once you have completed the registration form, you will be sent an email with a summary of the booking and the link for the payment of the deposit.

Once you have paid the deposit your place will be automatically blocked.

The remainder of the payment is due before 1st August 2024 in order to complete your booking. 

Which plane should I take?

The choice of flight is free. 

The important thing is to arrive in Buenos Aires before 6pm on 11th October so you can join us for that evening’s activities.  

As soon as we have secured the minimum number of guests we will advise you via mail to book flights and send you our recommendation for the best one! 


Which currency should I bring?

We recommend that you bring US dollars in cash, we can assist you with money changing for the best rate once in Buenos Aires.

More information can be found here: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/argentina/entry-requirements


Do I need a visa or vaccinations to travel to Argentina?


For British Citizens: You don’t need a visa to enter or travel through Argentina as a tourist for up to 3 months, unless you’re travelling on an emergency travel document: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/argentina/entry-requirements

For citizens of other nations please refer to Argentina’s entry policy for your specific country. 


At the moment of writing, Argentina does not require any specific vaccinations for entry into the country. You’re advised to check for updated information 8 weeks before your trips here: https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/country/11/argentina

What will the climate be like?

October marks the start of southern hemisphere spring in Buenos Aires and is one of the best months to visit the city, with trees blossoming, pleasant mild weather and perfect conditions to dance in the milonga!

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